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1500×6000mm Water bath sterilization pot

Name:1500×6000mm Water bath sterilization pot


The heat sterilization sterilization pot is to meet the needs, the use of high temperature and high pressure of hot water or steam for a variety of food quick sterilization processing effective sterilization equipment.

Working principle of the water bath type sterilization pot, it is by direct injection steam, heat up the water of the hot water tank to the predetermined temperature, and then enter the process tank, and make the process of water cycle, the pot by cyclic heating and sterilizing. Cooling process by cold water injection technology can mix with hot water, then hot water back into the hot water tank to cool.

Hot pot hot water heated to a predetermined temperature (only once)

, a basket full of products in the sterilization pot, pot door and safety interlocks.

Pot, hot pot of hot water injection process.

, process water through the following cycle to ensure that the flow of a whopping need heat distribution: pump pipe spray device products basket of sterilization pot.

, back pressure in the whole cycle is automatically by the two injection or release valve to control the compressed air.

, stop the pump, acousto-optic signal said end of sterilization, allowed to open the door, discharged out of the basket, ready for the next cycle of sterilization.

Water bath sterilization main stages

1, temperature stage: hot water tank to immerse into the process to the product, steam heating technology in the direct access to the water to set temperature.

2, the heat preservation stage: according to the set value stable temperature and pressure.

3, the cooling stage: through cold water pump to the cooling water tank injection process, redundant hot water back to the heat water tank, until the desired temperature cooled to.

Water bath type sterilization pot

1, the whole process to avoid the product is exposed to air, the pot there is no cold air mass, optimization of circulating water system, ensure the kettle internal heat evenly distributed.

2, smooth gentle but rapid cooling, to avoid the thermal shock and cooking odors

3, low noise, create quiet and comfortable working environment. 4, hot water is stored in the tank, the product temperature rising very quickly.

5, the entire process of production, there is water soak products, so as to create buoyancy, greatly reduces the damage of packaging materials.

6, completely submerged by water, the temperature can infiltrate into all products. 7, hot water to reuse, reduce energy consumption and save energy.

Adapted to the exception of the glass bottles, tin, flexible packaging, plastic bottles and other food and beverage products.