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Company profile

      Shandong zhongtaitongze machinery co., LTD. Is a design, development, production of high temperature sterilization pot, frying pan, cooking pot domestic D1 / D2 grade pressure vessel designated production units. With years of rich experience and technology, and continuously meet the change of market demand. We have abundant capital and a group of well trained and have the basis of the theoretical background, sufficient practical experience of the backbone of the elite team, each user is service, wholeheartedly provide customers with safe, reliable and satisfactory products.

     As the food machinery industry, the company has the ISO/ASME/CE quality system certification. Over the years, the company production of high-temperature sterilization pot, frying pan, cooking pot selling devices such as China, the United States, Russia, Egypt, southeast Asian countries and continents, the company has rich experience in the export and domestic sales, and with good technology and excellent quality has won the domestic and foreign customers highly recognized. Our company always uphold the "development by innovation, plastic brand by quality, win the market by service" concept for the enterprise won the trust and support more users.
     "Creating international brand" is the Thai target with ze in terms of the quality of products, the company has specialized research and development center and testing center. To improve staff quality, and established a technical team, keep food sterilization technology, to meet customer demand. Is the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries sterilization equipment suppliers, products being used by many food manufacturers at home and abroad.
     Company always attaches importance to product quality, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, production management to the international community, gradually formed a raw materials strict inspection, product research and development innovation, the process design is reasonable, the manufacturing science, high-speed transit transportation, perfect after-sales service management system. Starting from the date of establishment the company has been uphold the "innovation for development, plastic brand by quality, win the market by service", constantly improve after-sales service system, to meet the actual needs of customers, rapid response to market changes, speed up structural adjustment, ensure the clients' interests.