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1200×2300mm Lin shui-sterilization pot

Name:1200×2300mm Lin shui-sterilization pot


Structure: Lin shui-sterilization pot is mainly composed of horizontal pan, heat exchangers and circulating water pump, pipe and all kinds of valve, and automatic control system. Divided into lateral jet and spray.

Applicability: used for fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, convenient food such as high temperature sterilization.

The packaging container:

Container: 1. The glass jar

2. Metal containers: tinplate cans

3. The aluminium cans, plastic containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4. The soft bag packing: aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bag, retort pouch, etc.

Scientific experiments prove that chao brine food sterilization temperature 121 ℃, sterilization time 12 min, can not only ensure good sterilization effect, also keep the flavors of the brine.

Working principle: the sterilization process is through the sterilization machine within or at the top of many on both sides of the nozzle, spraying a mist of wavy hot water to the surface of food, and the rapid heating and cooling speed, can quickly and steadily to the pan sterilization products, particularly suitable for high-temperature cooking bags of food sterilization.

The characteristics of

1, uniform temperature distribution in pan

Because of the product by high speed spray in the process of heating and sterilizing, straight from several nozzle spray water, make the pot temperature keeps stable, improve the effect of the sterilization, improve the quality of the product.

2, direct heating, indirect cooling, prevent secondary pollution.

Sterilization and cooling water, use the same heating circulating water atomized by direct steam diffusion tube heating, heating up fast, in general, when steam pressure is 0.5 MPa, the pot water temperature rose from 20 ℃ to 121 ℃ in only 6 to 12 min. When cooling through continuous loop cooling tube type heat exchanger, isolated from the rest of products, effectively prevent secondary pollution.

3, using automatic control system

B. a. Siemens touch screen paperless recorder c. d. automatic import valve variety of sterilization process, deposited 250 sterilization formula can be stored

4, pressure independent control, is suitable for gas packaging sterilization

Error of plus or minus 0.005 Mpa pressure control, pressure control system of automatic correction on the pot pressure (real-time automatic exhaust valve and inlet valve opened and closed), make the pot pressure and pressure balance inside the packing, and will not make the packaging or its contents received damage or deformation.

5, suitable for different packing materials.
6, heating and cooling in stages. Can effectively reduce the food and the center of the surface temperature difference, protect fragile food and bottles