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Sandwich pot in use process should pay attention to what issues?

Source: Time:2021-05-30 15:09:00 views:

1 、使用蒸气压力,不得长时间超过定额工作压力。

1, the use of steam pressure, shall not exceed quota work pressure for a long time.

2, should slowly open when admission into the valve, until the required pressure, the condensed water outlet valve, such as a hydrophobic, should always be open the valve; If no drain device, first the valve open until have vapor overflow and close the valve is small, open degree in have a small amount of water vapor overflow.

3, to the relief valve, can be used according to the user's own vapor pressure, adjust itself.

4, steam boiler in use process, often should pay attention to the change of steam pressure, with admission valve timely adjust.

5, stop after admission, pot should be straight cock open, after more than water.

6, tilting and stirring pot, each class before use, should be in the rotating parts come on; On top of the agitator pot pot of decency, recommended ingredient; All other adopt 30 #, 40 # machine oil.