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Small sterilization pot in the choice should follow the principle of what

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Small sterilization pot is the equipment for the packaging of food sterilization. Sterilization pot can use a variety of different sterilization system.

Small sterilization pot selection principles:

1, mainly from the temperature control precision and choice on the thermal distribution uniformity, if the product temperature is very strict, especially the export products, because the required heat distribution is very uniform, so try to choose the computer automatic sterilization pot. Computer aided sterilization pot temperature control, pressure control and computer automatic is the same, but the price is 1/3 of the computer automatic. General requirements can choose electric semi-automatic sterilization pot.

2, if the product is gas packaging or product appearance is more strict, should choose the computer fully automatic or semi-automatic sterilization pot.

3, if the product is glass bottle or tin, because require can control the rate of warming and cooling, so try not to should choose double sterilization pot.

4, if consider from energy saving, can choose double sterilization pot, its characteristic is the pot is hot pot, jar jar is under processing, the pot of hot water reuse, can save a large amount of steam, suitable for daily output of more than 10 tons of food production enterprises.

5, if yields less or no boiler, can consider to use steam electric dual purpose sterilization pot, its principle is produced by the tank under the electric heating, steam pot sterilization.

6, if the product viscosity is very high, in the process of sterilization products need to rotate, should choose to choose rotary sterilization pot.

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